Awards and Nominations

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Recognising the remarkable talent and achievements of individual leaders and their teams


  • ICT team of the Year
  • Outstanding Woman in Tech
  • ClO of the Year
  • CISO of the Year
  • Channel Personality of the Year
  • Sustainable Project Manager of the Year
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Celebrating the CIOs who have taken the lead in technological progress


  • Intelligent Education implementation
  • Intelligent Telecom Project
  • Intelligent Hospitality Implementation
  • Intelligent Healthcare Implementation
  • Intelligent Government Implementation
  • Intelligent Banking and Finance Implementation
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Implementation
  • Intelligent Aviation Implementation
  • Intelligent Energy Implementation
  • Intelligent Construction Implementation


  • Intelligent Digital Transformation Partner
  • Intelligent Software Partner
  • Cloud Solutions Partner of the Year
  • Intelligent Wireless Networking Partner
  • Al Project of the Year
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Honouring the visionaries who have made a difference in the data centre space


  • Intelligent Sustainability Project
  • Intelligent Design Project
  • Intelligent Hyperscale Project


  • Intelligent Cabling Partner
  • Intelligent Storage Partner
  • Intelligent Power Partner
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Partner
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Championing the CISOs who have implemented a stand-out security infrastructure


  • Intelligent Training and Awareness Initiative
  • Intelligent Network Security Implementation
  • Intelligent Software Security Implementation


  • Secure Digital Transformation Partner
  • MSSP Partner
  • Intelligent Secure Cloud Partner
  • Intelligent Secure Software Partner
  • Intelligent Secure Networking Partner
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Recognising channel chiefs who have excelled within the vendor partner ecosystem

Channel Awards

  • IT Distributor of the Year - (Broadline Products)
  • Value Added Distributor of the Year - (Value Solutions)
  • Cloud Solutions Distributor of the Year
  • Systems Integrator of the Year
  • Training Provider of the Year
  • Cyber Channel Partner of the Year
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Shining a light on business leaders who have enabled sustainable growth

CXO Business

  • Accountancy Solution Provider of the Year
  • HR Solution Provider of the Year
  • Customer Experience Provider of the Year
  • SME Implementation of the Year
  • ERP Solution Provider of the Year


Criteria will be based around but not exclusive to the below. All submissions should meet at least one of the criteria below. You should give evidence of these in your nomination: